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Build employee relationships and help the planet with our interactive outdoor activity that will get you all engaged with climate change.

On the western border of Dubai there’s a beautiful coastal sanctuary. It’s full of nature and marine life, and it needs our protection. At this event, you and your team will plant mangrove trees that will help to protect the area – today and in the future.

The day starts with a welcome ‘Bedouin-style’ breakfast near the beach. Then participants enjoy a short and inspiring environmental awareness session.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”

– Chinese proverb

After the welcome session, you’ll grab your ‘gardening tools’, roll-up your sleeves and head to the wetlands. The activity focuses on saving mangroves that are about to die by transplanting them from the area where they are growing (which is too dry for their survival) to another area where they will thrive.

Once the job is done, you’ll enjoy an inspiring, fun and educational team-building game then finish the day with a buffet lunch at a beautiful spot on the reserve.

The mangrove tree planting can take place at weekends, and your employees can bring their families along too. Beyond having fun, protecting the environment together is a great way to enhance morale and employee engagement.

Take action today to do good for our planet!

Plant a tree, protect the planet
Plant a tree, protect the planet
Plant a tree, protect the planet
Plant a tree, protect the planet
Ghantoot natural reserve, Dubai (outdoor)
From October to May
[all days except Friday]
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Participants and prices

1 - 19 people (8,650Dhs)

20 - 39 people (11,225Dhs)

40 - 59 people (12,650Dhs)

60 - 79 people (16,150Dhs)

80 - 100 people (18,400Dhs)

* Prices include venue booking, event coordination, support staff and a contribution to the charity partner when applicable, as well as pictures from the activity for use in your own communications (e.g. internal, social, website), an activity impact report. Prices exclude Companies for Good management fee.

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