Set up a recycling program in your office and help your employees do more for the planet – at work and at home.

Historically, recycling hasn’t been part of our culture in the UAE and the infrastructure to treat waste in an environmentally-friendly way was minimal. Even now. it can feel like you need to be a superhero to recycle your waste.

But things are changing. The government is pushing the agenda and encouraging individuals and companies to join the recycling movement. There are more and more recycling plants and increasingly people are realising they need to do more of it.

“The objective of the ‘UAE Vision 2021’ is to raise the
percentage of treated waste to 75% by 2021”

– H.E. Dr. Thani bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi,
UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment

This great program will help you kickstart recycling for your office and everyone who works there. The best bit? It’s incredibly easy, it will save you money, and it will make you look good:

Step 1 – Set up your recycling programme

Every company is different and your requirements will depend on lots of factors like your employee numbers, office space, location etc. So our first step is to find out exactly what you need to set up a successful programme. This includes:

– A chat to understand your current challenges and what you want to achieve
– A site visit and walk-through to assess your office’s layout, type of waste, and existing practices
– Behind-the-scenes work to estimate volumes and types of waste and explore the most suitable waste management companies and bins for your office
– A presentation with our ‘findings, recommendations and action plan’. This will explain everything you need to know about your office recycling programme as well as the costs involved in running it

This initial phase is free of charge if you decide to start recycling (Step 2). If not, there is a small charge for the work done and advice provided, which ranges from 1,500 Dhs (fewer than 50 employees) to 3,000 Dhs (more than 50 employees).

Step 2 – Run your recycling operation

In this step, we’ll implement the actions planned in Step 1 and help your people improve their own behaviors – at work and home. It includes:

– Helping you buy required logistics, e.g. recycling bins
– Carrying out regular collections (on demand or following a pattern of waste generation)
– Generating reports and sharing them with you regularly
– Helping you engage your employees. On top of sharing information, statistics, and interesting facts to raise awareness, we can also run campaigns at your offices to increase excitement and encourage people to recycle more
– Free at-home recycling collection for your employees – an amazing way to build employee pride and enhance your company’s reputation as people see you sponsoring a great cause

Corporate recycling program
Corporate recycling program
Corporate recycling program
Corporate recycling program
At the company’s offices or at employee's home
All year round [weekdays and weekends]
Participants and prices

5 - 400+ people (starting from 500Dhs)

* Everything is included expect for the cost of the bins. The exact cost of waste collection per month will be calculated on Step 1.

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