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Do you care about the environment? Take part in this fantastic team building activity and enjoy planting Ghaf tree seeds in a state-of-the art nursery at the heart of Dubai.

The ‘Give a Ghaf’ initiative starts with a short awareness session about the local environment, water scarcity, indigenous plants and trees. Why the Ghaf tree? Because it’s representative of the harsh desert environment and the UAE’s national tree.

After the introduction, you’ll get involved in various preparation tasks while enjoying the beautiful and peaceful setting of Greenworks, Al Barari farm. Once everything is ready, you’ll plant seeds before having a walking tour around the Al Barari farm where you’ll learn about the fascinating features of the Ghaf tree.

“We take care of the seeds for about 2 years until they are strong enough for the outside world. We then give the trees to the community to be planted in parks, schools or urban areas.”

— Tatiana Antonelli, Founder of Goumbook

Seed Planting
Seed Planting
Seed Planting
Greenworks, Dubai
[outdoor activity]
From October to May
[all days except Friday]
Participants and prices

1 - 20 people (6,700Dhs)

21 - 35 people (9,450Dhs)

36 - 50 people (12,200Dhs)

51 - 80 people (17,750Dhs)

* Note: Prices include the booking the nursery for the day and the costs involved in caring for the plants till they have reached a height of 50-80 cm in roughly about 2 years. Trees are then given away for free to municipalities, heritage forests, etc.
A management fee of 750Dhs to cover CFG staff is not included in the prices.

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