Companies 4 Good

Support a unique innovation and entrepreneurship program to empower disadvantaged young people and help them realize their potential.

This is your chance to help young people in Lebanon build a global network and give them the opportunities they need to develop their skills and start their own businesses.

With Companies for Good, you have the opportunity to support these start-up businesses financially. But you can also send a team to Lebanon to share their experience and skills with the young entrepreneurs. It’s a really valuable experience for your employees – and life-changing for these young people.

“Social Entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionized the fishing industry.”

– Bill Drayton – Ashoka

The event lasts two days. Your team will be well looked-after throughout their stay and given all the information they to run successful sessions with the young people.

If your company believes in youth and thinks we all deserve a chance to achieve our potential, this is the right CSR initiative for you. You won’t just give young people a renewed sense of purpose, you’ll give your team members a chance to build valuable communication and leadership skills.

Young Entrepreneurs
Young Entrepreneurs
Young Entrepreneurs
Beirut, Lebanon [indoor / outdoor]
All year round [weekdays and weekends]
Participants and prices

1 - 10 people (7,400Dhs)

* Note: The prices include all the costs of providing this activity for 2 days. The company is responsible for covering the flight tickets and accommodation for the participants.

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