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First off, what is CSR? Corporate Social Responsibility gained traction in the 70s and the 80s, during a period were businesses were allowed to do pretty much whatever they wanted to make money. Throwing barrels of chemicals into the ocean, dumping filthy water into the rivers, these things came as standard. Discriminating against women, ethnic […]

Research proves a link between doing good and feeling good. The benefits of volunteering and giving back are not just that we help others, we’re actively improving our own wellbeing. Received wisdom tells us that we do good because we care about other people. And that’s true – but it’s not the whole truth. At […]

This is a question we get asked a lot by businesses. And it’s fair enough. You want to do good, which is a great thing, and you’re already giving away your time – why should you have to give your money away too? We run volunteering activities with some of the world’s greatest brands. Here […]

Capitalism is the best-known system for economic growth. No doubt about it. But when it comes to making us happier, healthier and more sustainable, capitalism isn’t delivering on its promises. Some argue that inequalities have reduced over the past few years. That individuals have never enjoyed such freedom and access to opportunity. That poverty, hunger […]