Companies 4 Good

Choose how you want to do good

From team-building activities that do good for communities and the environment, to strategic programmes that will help your business become a more sustainable, select the right action for you and start doing good.
Special needs children

Play, paint, and spend time as a team with local children with special needs.

Group size and prices:

1 - 8 people (6,650Dhs)

9 - 14 people (8,900Dhs)

15 - 20 people (11,400Dhs)

Give a gift to refugee children

Learn about refugee crisis and make hand-made toys for refugee children

Group size and prices:

0 - 19 people (7,900Dhs)

20 - 29 people (8,875Dhs)

30 - 39 people (9,875Dhs)

40 - 49 people (10,775Dhs)

50 - 59 people (11,900Dhs)

60 - 69 people (12,725Dhs)

70 - 100 people (13,525Dhs)

Children with Autism

Discover more about Autism and support children at the Autism Trust Foundation.

Group size and prices:

2 - 6 people (6,900Dhs)

7 - 12 people (9,500Dhs)

Make art, make a difference

Get creative and join an art session with adults with special needs.

Group size and prices:

1 - 12 people (8,000Dhs)

Caring for the Elderly

Interact with the senior community and learn more about Alzheimer

Group size and prices:

1 - 15 people (10,000Dhs)

Empower a refugee mother

Volunteer to make a positive change for mothers and children in Lebanon.

Group size and prices:

3 - 15 people (11,100Dhs)

Young Entrepreneurs

Help unveil the hidden potential in disadvantaged youth.

Group size and prices:

1 - 10 people (7,400Dhs)