Take part in this life-changing CSR activity in Lebanon to empower mothers in the refugee crisis and make a positive change for their children.

Mothers are powerful agents of change but sadly their circumstances can block them from reaching their potential. The refugee crisis has ruined lives. And the social unrest in Lebanon, along with the growing number of refugees it hosts, has had a devastating effect on many children and youths who are growing up without access to a quality education. In this activity, you’ll help marginalized women living in Lebanon, so they can become leaders who have a positive impact on their communities, starting at home.

Over three days, the group of volunteers will interact with 20 mothers to explore their roles as leaders in their homes and communities. You’ll cover topics like effective communication, home economics, reproductive health and turning hobbies into income-generating projects. And you’ll receive on-going support and advice from experts to ensure the group dynamic is smooth and beneficial.

Ultimately, this is a chance to change the lives of families caught in the refugee crisis. What are you waiting for?

“I will forever cherish my time with ULYP’s MOMs program and remember the smiles and joy on the women’s faces as they were reminded how capable they are”

– Suheila, MOMs Volunteer

Women in refugee crisis
Women in refugee crisis
Women in refugee crisis
Beirut, Lebanon [indoor / outdoor]
From September to June
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3 - 15 People (11,100Dhs)

* Prices include event planning and coordination, support staff and a contribution to the charity partner when applicable, as well as pictures from the activity for use in your own communications (e.g. internal, social, website), an activity impact report. Prices exclude Companies for Good management fee. Prices exclude VAT.

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