Do good from home by turning exercise into donations

You’re already protecting society by staying indoors. This is a way to help even more people – and stay healthy while you’re staying at home.


We’ll convert your employees’ physical exercise into positive social impact.



Sign up and get your team to download the Veerto App.


Set your collective company goal – then all start working out.


We'll unlock a donation to a cause once the goal is reached.

A triple social impact


Do good from home

You’re already taking steps to protect society by staying indoors. This is a way to help even more people.


Employee wellbeing

Keeping your people healthy has many benefits – from increased productivity to reduced absenteeism and sick days.


Boost team spirit

Working towards a common goal will help you bond and feel togetherness, even when you’re all in different places.

Pilates for Poor communities

Zumba for Zero Hunger

Cross-fit for Covid-19 packs

Yoga for Youth education

What you need to know

1: How much does it cost?

Getting access to using the Veerto App has a standard cost of 20Dhs per employee monthly.
E.g. for a company with 125 employees the price is: 125 x 20Dhs = 2,500Dhs / month.

The contribution towards the social initiative is paid only once (not monthly) and will be based on your allocted budget.

There are price discounts for companies with more than 200 employees – drop us a line to find out more.

2: If I want my team to take part, what should I do?

Involving your employees is very simple. Get in touch with Companies for Good – we will process your company registration and get it all set up. Then all what your employees need to is download the Veerto App, sign up using their email address and follow the instructions. They can immediately start working out for good.

3: Can I also invite my clients?

Yes, definitely. You can invite your clients, suppliers, or any other business partners. It’s actually a great way to strengthen relationships and work together for a common goal.

If you are a B2C business, you can even launch a challenge to the public and invite any consumers to exercise for the cause (e.g. a healthcare multinational could commit to donate a Covid-19 kit for every hour of exercise done by those using the app).

4: How is the physical exercise tracked?

Participants’ workouts get recorded in their App profile. During C-19, participants will enter manually the amount of time (in minutes) they have been exercising from home. Once the confinement is over, exercise will be tracked in both time and Km (as the App can be synced with other devices such as Fitbit or Strava, and the Km will be recorded authomatically).

5: How can participants convert exercise into positive impact?

Employees’ workouts are converted into donations for social projects. This is how it works:

First, the company will select a cause and set a collective goal for your company. For example: “for every 1,000 minutes’ collective exercise, we’ll donate 1,000 soap bars to vulnerable communities”. All team members will see this goal in the app.

Participants will have an option to click the ‘Donate’ button, effectively adding their minutes of workout into the global count. Once the company’s goal is reached, we’ll activate the contribution to the social cause. Then you can share the good news with all employees!

6: How do I choose a social cause?

You can support any cause you like – whatever aligns with your company’s goals – or choose one from our carefully-selected list.

Some of our suggestions include: providing Covid-9 kits for underprivileged communities, giving food and access to education to vulnerable children or helping children with disabilities continue their development.

7: Is this initiative limited to the UAE?

No. You can involve any colleagues worldwide. As long as they have access to the App, they can work out and turn their exercise into doing good.

8: Are there any requirements in terms of participants and duration?

Yes. The minimum group size to sign up to this solution is 100 employees (or 2,000Dhs / month). Whilst the minimum duration is 3 months (health and psychology experts recommended this period as the ideal time for people to effectively change habits).


For any other questions, just get in touch with us at and we’ll be happy to send you more details, or set up a video call to explain and show you a demo.