We exist to help businesses make the world better

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, Sustainability, whatever you call it, ‘good’ is essential for companies. Consumers, employees, governments all want it.

We exist to help you meet these demands for good and boost your reputation.

We organise fun, engaging team activities

We have a wide range of amazing activities, both on-the-ground and virtual, so you can do good in the way that works best for your team, your strategy and your business.

We’ve already helped many businesses from the UAE and globally just like yours.

We are working with some of the world's greatest brands

We partner with local charities who are doing good

We work together to design team activities for businesses – so you can learn about an issue, take action and do real good in just one activity.

These charities and social enterprises need resources to continue doing good. So, we donate most of the activity fee to our community partners.

Doing good will help your business

Your team will have an amazing experience – so you’ll increase employee engagement while doing good.

You’ll show the world you’re a truly good business – so more people will want to buy from and work with you.

We’ll take care of everything – with us, doing good has never been so easy.